IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2023)

Presentation Instructions

IEEE IJCB 2023 will be held as a purely in-person conference. All accepted paper need to be presented in-person in Ljubljana. There will be NO virtual platform.

Papers accepted as Orals will be presented during a talk and as posters. Papers accepted as Poster will be presented only during one of the poster sessions.

To find the oral vs. poster designation for your paper, please see the information posted HERE.

Please read through the following instructions to prepare for your paper presentation.

Oral Presentations

  • To maximize visibility, papers accepted for an Oral presentation at the main conference will have:
    • A 15 minutes talk at a designated Oral session (presentation+Q&A = 15 min)
    • A Poster presentation at one of the poster sessions
  • Presenters are expected to be available for the talk as well as the poster session
  • A shared laptop will be available for the presenters during the conference
  • Presenters should contact their Session chair at least 10 minutes before the start of their session and copy their presentation on the laptop (as early as possible).
  • For Special session authors only: all of the above applies to the special session papers as well, i.e.:
    • Orals = Talk + Poster (For talk duration, look up your special session HERE)
    • Poster = Poster presentation
  • IMPORTANT: A presentation computer will be available in the main hall for the Oral presentations, and authors will have to copy their presentations to the PC before the start of their session. Make sure you have your presentation available on a USB stick and are there before your session to copy your slides on the computer. PowerPoint and PDF slides are acceptable. You will not be able to use your own computer, so your entire presentation (including potential videos) needs to be copied to the presentation PC.

Poster Presentation

  • A dedicated space will be provided for each paper accepted for Poster presentation
  • A dedicated poster space will also be available for all papers accepted for Oral presentations
  • Authors are expected to be present during their designated poster sessions
  • Poster Boards are 2.2m x 1m (height x width), portrait orientation, see Image